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Faculty of Education
Semester Based Master in ICTED Program
Course Cycle
Semester I
18 Credits
Semester II
18 Credits
ED 511 Foundations of Education
ED 512 Advanced Educational Psychology
ICTED 515 Computer Architecture
ICTED 516 Java Programming
ICTED 517 Discrete Structure
ICTED 518 Operating System
ED 521 Curriculum Practices
ED 522 Education and Development
ICTED 525 Advanced Database Management System
ICTED 526 Network Security
ICTED 527 Reading in ICT Education
ICTED 528 Software Engineering
Semester III
18 credits
Semester IV
18 Credits
ED 531 Measurement and Evaluation in Education
ED 532 Research Methodology in Education
ICTED 535 Visual Programming
ICTED 536 Learning Management System
ICTED 537 Software Project Management
ICTED 538 ICT Education Theories and Practices
ED 541 Contemporary Educational Issues
ED 542 Teaching Practice
ICTED 544 Thesis
ICTED 545 blank
ICTED 546 Network and System Administration (Elective
ICTED 547 Advanced Web Technology (Elective)
All subject are three credits but Thesis is six cradits