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Faculty of Education
Semester Based ICTED Program
Course Cycle
Semester I
18 Credits
Semester II
18 Credits
1. English Language I
2. Nepali Language I
3. Fundamental of Education
4. Specialization Major: I, II,
Introduction of Information Technology -I
Programming Concept with C -II
5. Specialization Minor: I
6. English Language II
7. Nepali Language II
8.Social Perspective in Education
9. Specialization Major: III, IV
Object Oriented Programming with C++ -III
Digital Logic-IV
10. Specialization Minor: II
Semester III
18 credits
Semester IV
18 Credits
11. Developmental Psychology
12. Specialization Major: V, VI, VII
Data Structure and Algorithm-V
Microprocessor & Computer Organization-VI
Web Technology-VII
13. Specialization Minor: III
14. ICT in Education
15. Psychology of Learning
16. Specialization Major: VIII, IX, X
Operating System-VIII
Database Management System-IX
System Analysis and Design-X
17. Specialization Minor: IV, V
Semester V
15 Credits
Semester VI
15 Credits
18. Basic of Curriculum
19. Specialization Major: XI, XII, XIII
Java Programming Language-XI
Data Communication and Networks -XII
Software Engineering and Project Mangement-XIII
20. Specialization Minor: VI
21. Assessment and Evaluation of Learning
22. Specialization Major: XIV, XV, VI
Visual Programming - XIV
Computer Graphics-XV
E-Learning & ICT Educational Pedagogy -VI
23. Specialization Minor: VII
Semester VII
15 credits
Semester VIII
15 credits
24. Pedagogy and Inclusive Education
25. Specialization Major: XVII, XVIII
Network Security-XVIII
Artificial Intelligence in Education -XVIII
26. Specialization Minor: VIII, IX
27. Basic Statics and Research in Education
28. Specialization Major: XIX, XX
Technology in Education-XX
Educational Project -XX
29. Specialization Minor: X
30. Elective paper
Network Administration
Semester XI Teaching Internship 6 Credits